About us

Projects are getting larger, with more disciplines and more responsibility transfer.  Owners increasingly impose certification standards and reference codes that they themselves do not fully understand.  Contractors want their project approved so they can complete projects cleanly but are often left feeling frustrated with technical issue closure.

Emplex is a Canadian company established in 2000 to fill a need in the engineering marketplace for well-rounded technical management services.  Emplex plans, controls and organizes engineering functions so that solutions emerge out of complex situations.

For examples of projects for which Emplex has provided technical management services please click on the projects link.

  • Emplex works exclusively on transportation projects;
  • Emplex brings together a strong engineering background and a broad history of managing various disciplines and facets of transportation projects;
  • Emplex performs technical management to the level appropriate for your project;
  • Emplex excels at leading professional teams, defining solutions, identifying opportunities for innovation, developing appropriate delivery schemes and encouraging effective, clear and honest communication.

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